24 06 2009

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2009 15:06:45 +0100


‘While the cat’s away the mice do play’ Shakespeare.

Hello again my friends,

Firstly you and I must thank Wally for carrying on the hard work as my deputy at Palm Beach Villas in my absence, for it is, as I have found over the past several years, a mainly thankless, expensive and exhausting task in the face of much adversity, with ongoing problems from not only from the rogue developer Wong Kwok Herowang and their minions, but also an apparently large number of untrustworthy people in local government and above.

But it goes further than that, for I am aware that even among the house owners of Palm Beach Villas there is a small group of dissenters to our honest cause, people who instead of voicing their opinions publicly and democratically at our meetings, prefer to attempt to cause trouble and undo the good we have done by offering lies and making insidious comments behind our collective backs.

I am personally in possession of an original public poison pen letter, written and signed by one of our very own residents, to both the Papar District Council and Wong Kwok Herowang, which blatantly accuses me by name and members of your Committee, of being violent and aggressive. I am considering my legal remedy in this matter, having conferred with Counsel.

I am also informed that it is mainly due to such nastiness that the latest rubbish collection people failed, with some neighbours even sharing just one rubbish bin to avoid paying just RM4. How sad and pathetic it is that some amongst us would gang up against Roy, an English resident, married to a Kadazan girl, just trying to do his very best for everyone at Palm Beach, regardless of race, creed, or colour. I’m told that even now some of you owe him in excess of RM 500 and refuse to pay him. I have informed him of his civil remedy. What a dreadful state of affairs.

I hear murmurs too of alleged racism and jealousy between the races at Palm Beach, because of what some have and some have not. What absolute nonsense. It is time those childish people putting about these petty rumours put a stop to it and used their energies to help us to get on with making Palm Beach the idyllic place most of us want. Division among the people of Palm Beach is just the sort of thing the developer and their cronies would love to see.

So come on, every single one of you, and play the game the way it should be played, honestly, out in the open and with pride. If you don’t like me and my team, vote us out, or go and live somewhere else.

ROGER CROWHURST, President/Chairman Palm Beach Residents’ Association




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