11 07 2009

Sakitnya hati ini……….
Pada hari pembicaraan 6 Julai 2009 saya tidak dapat hadir ke mahkamah untuk mengikuti perkembangannya kerana kesibukan tugas. Amat mengecewakan. Rakyat ditipu hidup-hidup oleh pemaju dan agensi kerajaan!

“Insufficient Evidence” ??????????

BACALAH email yang saya terima dari seorang sahabat yang menghadiri pembicaraan tersebut:

Hello Everyone,

A most extraordinary hearing and final alleged judgment by the new Judge took place at the High Court on 6th, which I believe not to be a judgment at all within the law.

Presentation was made at previous hearings by us of some hundreds of pages of concrete evidence against the respondents, together with around 280 photographs, plans, drawings etc and a dozen depositions, plus the previous Judge’s ruling that we were entitled to everything we had asked for by Order of Mandamus.

This latest hearing was merely to be a rubber stamping of the previous Judge’s Order.

The Judge just walked into court, stated only that there was “Insufficient Evidence” against the respondents the Minister of Housing and Papar District Council, and immediately started his next case.

Of course one has to doubt the credibility of such a ridiculous and unfounded statement in the circumstances and hope that it could not surely be possible that the Judge has been got at could it?

We have immediately filed an Appeal and so the fight for the honesty and justice that you all deserve so much, and the punishment of offenders, will go on.

There will be no additional costs for you to pay as the possibility of appeal was included when the legal charges for our lawyer was worked out from the beginning.

Oh well, see you in court again later. And never give up. The International Court of Human Rights next if the Appeal hearing is corrupted….

Best wishes,




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